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Winter 2005, Vol. 2, No. 1

Introducing—“Encounter: The Pentecostal Ministry Series”

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Encounter: Journal for Pentecostal Ministry exists to serve the Church of Jesus Christ by bringing transforming theological and professional insight to bear on the practice of ministry in the Pentecostal tradition. 

With that mind, the Encounter editorial team, in cooperation with the larger Assemblies of God Theological Seminary community, has purposed to launch a new monograph series titled “Encounter: the Pentecostal Ministry Series.” 

The first monograph, He Gave Apostles: Apostolic Ministry in the 21st Century, is now available to our readers and, indeed, all who are interested in the nature of apostolic ministry in the contemporary Church.

“A New Apostolic Reformation” calling for the restoration of the apostolic office is being widely heralded in many quarters of the Pentecostal-Charismatic Movement.  This new interest in apostles and their leadership potential for today is being advanced by a growing body of popular-level writings from the leaders of the movement who are eager to “jump-start” a lethargic North American Church.  A few academic theologians have also become proponents for the restoration of the apostolic office but, in the main, the issue has received short shrift in scholarly discussion.  Given the rising crescendo of the debate, careful biblical and theological analysis is imperative to protect the unity of the Church and the integrity of the ministry. 

With a spirit of humility and service, we offer to the Church our first monograph, He Gave Apostles: Apostolic Ministry in the 21st Century, the collected reflections of the AGTS Fall 2004 Symposium on Apostolic Ministry.  Included are the lectures of three noted Pentecostal scholars, Gary B. McGee, William W. Menzies, and Vinson Synan who have been participants in and chroniclers of the Pentecostal-Charismatic movement around the world.  Also included are other papers on biblical, leadership, and practical ministry issues raised by panelists and participants in the symposium.

He Gave Apostles by no means claims to be the last word in this debate.  We do believe, however, that it raises both relevant and urgent questions and brings the wealth and wisdom of Scripture to bear on the question of apostleship and the contemporary church.

He Gave Apostles may be ordered online or by calling (417) 268-1055. Costs: $8.99 each; or 10-50 books at $7.50 each or 50+ books at $5 each.

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