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Recommended Reading List

  • Senior Leadership Teams: What It Takes to Make Them Great (Center for Public Leadership) by Ruth Wageman; Debra A. Nunes; James A. Burruss; J. Richard Hackman.
    • Recommended 12/31/08 by Dr. Tim Hager, Administrator of Field Operations, AG General Council: “You may want to take a look at a new book, Senior Leadership Teams (Wageman, Nunes, and Burruss)—a great text sporting current research on the essential and supporting elements of leadership teams. The conclusions and analyses came out of a ten-year study begun in 1998 that examined more than 120 senior leadership teams from around the world who give leadership to entities ranging from small business to huge multinational conglomerates.  Harvard Business School Press (2008) has published another easy-to-read, meaty text on a topic that has application across organizational types. I think SLT will be a good reference to enhance your own management but also to become a primer or resource for training you might do for others.”



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