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Admissions Information

Admission Requirements for Master’s Programs

AGTS offers graduate-level courses. Candidates for admission must be born-again, display evidence of a dedicated Christian life and possess the appropriate educational background. Students are expected to be intellectually capable of rigorous academic discipline and to be emotionally suited for Christian service.

The Admissions Committee will evaluate each candidate on the basis of the applicant’s entire application file.

Academically, a four-year baccalaureate degree or the equivalent from an acceptable college is required. A grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale is considered satisfactory for admission. Candidates with a lower GPA may be considered for admission on academic probation which requires a reduced course load during the first semester of study.

A limited number of mature applicants without a bachelor's degree, who otherwise meet established admission criteria, may be considered on an individual basis. For further details, contact the Seminary Admissions Counselor in the Evangel University Admissions Office.

Qualified applicants for whom there are questions regarding adjustment to seminary life or potential for ministry may be admitted with the proviso that the Admissions Committee will reevaluate the student’s progress at the end of 12 credits to determine eligibility for further studies. (See Fitness for Ministry.)

For information regarding DMin admission requirements, see Doctor of Ministry, Admissions.
For information regarding DAIS admission requirements, see Doctor of Applied Intercultural Studies, Admissions.
For information regarding PhD/ICS admission requirements, see Doctor of Philosophy in Intercultural Studies, Admissions.
For information regarding PhD/ BTH admission requirements, see Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Interpretation and Theology, Admissions.

Application Procedure

Applicants for all master’s programs should apply EARLY through the Evangel University Admissions Office. For priority consideration, applications should be submitted 8-12 months prior to anticipated enrollment. Late applicants are encouraged to apply at least 30 days prior to registration and may experience some delays in optimum service.

Action will be taken on each applicant’s file as soon as possible after all credentials have been received. The applicant will be promptly notified in writing of the Admissions Committee’s decision.

To apply, submit the following:

  1. Application, recent photograph and a nonrefundable fee of $75.
    • Personal statements responding to questions on the application about vocational goals, church involvement, reasons for applying to the seminary and an assessment of strengths and weaknesses.
    • A brief autobiography.
  2. Official certified transcripts from all post-secondary schools attended. These documents must be sent directly to the seminary by the schools attended. (Transcripts from foreign institutions must be evaluated by an approved transcript evaluation service. The evaluation should contain degree postings, courses taken, credit hours earned, and grades received for courses taken. The evaluation will show U.S. academic equivalency.)
  3. Personal/ministerial references from two non-relative individuals who have known you at least three years or more.
  4. Applicants for whom English is not their first language must submit scores from the TOEFL exam. A minimum score of 80 (Internet-based) or 550 (paper-based) or the equivalent is required for master’s level. Doctoral programs minimum score is 94 (Internet-based) or 585 (paper-based).

Arrangements to take the test can be made in writing to: Educational Testing Service, P.O. Box 6154, Princeton, NJ, 08541-6154, phone 609-771-7100, The TOEFL code for AGTS is 6022.

Subsequent to enrollment, if the student’s mastery of English proves inadequate, AGTS reserves the right to remove the student from classes and require further language study.

International Students

In addition to the documents listed in the application procedure above, international students are required to submit the following:

  1. A letter fully explaining how seminary expenses will be covered and proof of financial responsibility (letters from financial sponsors and bank statements must be included).
  2. In certain cases, a written recommendation from the national church organization endorsing educational plans. If applicant is AG, recommendations may be requested from the AG area director of his or her homeland and from the AGWM regional director assigned to that country.
  3. Written evidence that a responsible Christian organization will guarantee financial support for dependents remaining in the homeland during the student’s time in the United States attending seminary.
  4. Written guarantee of financial support for dependents who accompany the student to the U.S. and for their round-trip transportation.
  5. A catalog from the college where the baccalaureate degree was earned. A catalog on the graduate program if an advanced degree is held.

International students will be required to deposit a $1,000 (U.S.) emergency evacuation fee upon written notification of their approval for admission to AGTS. This amount is retained on account until graduation or leaving the seminary. AGTS cannot release the formal I-20 "Certificate of Eligibility" (required for visa application) until the deposit has been received. (Students from financially troubled countries may be required to deposit $10,000, U.S.)

Nondegree Students

Unclassified Student

An applicant who does not plan, or who may not currently be eligible to pursue a master’s degree, may apply for admission to take courses for graduate credit as an unclassified student (12 credits maximum).

To apply, submit the following: 1) application for admission; 2) official certified transcripts sent to the seminary by all post-secondary schools attended; 3) ministerial reference on form provided.

An unclassified student may later request a reevaluation for matriculation into a degree program after the admission requirements are satisfied and additional application documents are submitted. The graduate courses taken as an unclassified student may be applicable toward a degree.

Note: In order to qualify for veterans benefits, a student must be in a degree program.

College Seniors

Seniors in good academic standing may apply for admission to take a limited number of classes for graduate or nongraduate credit. To apply, submit the following: 1) abbreviated concurrent enrollment application for admission; 2) a concurrent enrollment verification form, signed by the college registrar/administrator.


To apply for admission to audit classes, submit the following: 1) abbreviated application for admission; 2) ministerial reference on form provided; 3) names of course(s) to be audited. The fee to audit is one-fourth of the tuition rate. (See Financial Information.) Courses taken as an audit student cannot be reverted to credit later. Courses officially audited are posted on a transcript. The 12 credit maximum also applies to official audits for unclassified students.

Unofficial Audit

Spouses of full-time students enrolled for 9 or more credits per semester may unofficially audit one class per semester free of charge. Unofficial audits are subject to the approval of the professor and the class size. To apply, secure the appropriate form in the Registrar’s Office. Unofficial audits are not posted on a transcript.

Ministerial Credentialing and Placement

The seminary is not a ministerial credentialing agency. Therefore, matriculation does not guarantee the granting of ministerial credentials or placement in a ministry position. Persons desiring to be credentialed by the AG should review the General Council Bylaws, Article VII, “Ministry,” and apply to the appropriate district council at the outset of their educational program.

Local AG congregations have the prerogative of calling their own ministers.

Part-Time Students

Students may enroll for less than a full academic load at AGTS. Day, evening, weekend, accelerated and module sessions offer a variety of options to the part-time student.

New Student Orientation

New resident students are expected to attend the orientation session held at the beginning of their first semester attended. The purpose of orientation is to assist new students in making the transition to seminary life and studies.


Former students seeking readmission after an absence of two consecutive semesters or more must submit an abbreviated readmission application, including updated ministerial reference. A $15 readmission fee is required. Individuals seeking readmission after an absence of three or more years must complete the full application, including all references, updated official transcripts and a $75 application fee. Readmission will be subject to the review and recommendation of the Admissions Committee , which may require additional information from the student before rendering a decision.

Transfer Credit and Advanced Standing

Requests for advanced standing or transfer credit must be submitted to the registrar with official transcripts and course descriptions when applying for admission. (See specific degree programs for more information.)

Advanced Standing

Advanced standing is interpreted as those courses brought in at the beginning of the degree program. Life experience does not qualify for Advanced Standing. (See specific degree programs for more information.)

All course credits (including transfer, advanced standing, and CPE units) must be taken within a 10-year period of finishing an AGTS master’s degree.

Transfer and Shared Credit

Transfer Credit from Other Graduate Schools

Transfer credit may be granted for approved courses completed at accredited graduate institutions other than AGTS. Again, the transfer credit may not be older than 10 years of your AGTS master’s degree completion.

Credits taken at an international institution are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  If approved, courses must be consistent with and validated by established institutional guidelines.

Concurrent enrollment in other graduate institutions for the purpose of transferring credits into the AGTS program must be approved in advance by the AGTS registrar and/or Dean.

Cumulative transfer credits may not exceed one-half of the MDiv, one-half of the professional MA, nor up to one-half of the academic MA (See Residency Requirement.)

Courses accepted for transfer credit are expected to be equivalent to the course descriptions in the AGTS catalog and to appropriately fit the degree program being pursued.

The minimum grade acceptable is C from accredited schools (B from nonaccredited schools if approved by the seminary).

Shared Credit with Completed AGTS Degree

Shared credit may be granted for a Master’s degree completed at AGTS to be applied toward another Master’s degree at the seminary. Credit shared may not exceed more than half of the credits required in the new degree. (For example, no more than 39 credits can be applied from a MA to a MDIV program (39 credits is half of the 78-credit MDIV program). Again, the shared credit may not be older than 10 years of your second AGTS degree completion.

Toward MDiv Equivalency for Doctoral Studies

For further information, see DMin, MDiv Equivalency.

Toward Doctor of Ministry

Up to six of the doctoral transfer credits may be accepted from ATS/CHEA accredited institutions or those recognized by an approved foreign accrediting body. Students must have earned a grade of “B” or higher.

Toward Doctor of Applied Intercultural Studies and PhD in Intercultural Studies

Up to eight of the doctoral transfer credits may be accepted from ATS/CHEA accredited institutions or those recognized by an approved foreign accrediting body. Students must have earned a grade “B” or higher. If a person holds an earned doctorate in a related field (e.g. Doctor of Ministry), a maximum of 12 credits may be transferred to the PhD

Toward PhD in Biblical Interpretation and Theology

Up to eight of the doctoral transfer credits may be accepted from ATS/CHEA accredited institutions or those recognized by an approved foreign accrediting body if the student has an earned doctorate in a related field (e.g. Doctor of Ministry), or an advanced degree beyond the MDiv such as the MPhil, STM, MTh or ThM. Students must have earned a grade “B” or higher.

Transfer Credits and Advanced Standing Limitation

In preparing for graduation, the student must satisfy the residency requirement. The combined total credits received for transfer credit, Advanced Standing (if applicable) and credit earned through distance learning courses or directed research cannot exceed the limitations imposed by the residency requirement (see Residency Requirement).

Transfer of Credits to Other Institutions

Accredited seminaries and graduate schools normally reciprocate in the transfer of credits that satisfy requirements of their respective degree programs. Students should remember; however, that transfer of credit is always at the discretion of the receiving institution. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm whether or not credits will be accepted by another institution of the student’s choice.

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

AGTS will accept up to 2 CPE units for a maximum of 6 credit hours (1 CPE unit for 3 credit hours) provided the CPE units were not used to fulfill the requirements of any other graduate or doctoral degree. The institution and credit must be recognized by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. accreditation commission. To request transfer credit, official transcripts must be received by the Registrar’s Office before consideration for credit will be given.


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