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Course Descriptions: Old Testament


BOT 530 Old Testament Introduction
An introduction to the content and background of the Old Testament, including the critical issues in the discipline of Old Testament Introduction. Offered in the Fall term. Distance Learning (DL) option available.

Exegetical Courses

The following courses are offered on a rotating basis depending on faculty availability and special interests. The course subtitle and content may vary. They will involve exegesis of the Old Testament text. A course may be taken for credit more than once if the subtitles indicate different course content (e.g., Studies Pentateuch: Genesis and Studies Pentateuch: Exodus). It is recommended, but not required, that BOT 530 Old Testament Introduction and BNT 530 New Testament Introduction be taken before exegetical courses because some introductory knowledge will be assumed by the professor. Students who have not had those courses may need to do additional reading from the course bibliography to fill in the knowledge gaps.

BOT 531 Studies in the Pentateuch
See note above.

BOT 538 Studies in the Prophetical Books
See note above.

BOT 539 Studies in the Historical Books
See note above.

BOT 540 Studies in the Wisdom and Poetical Books
See note above.

BOT/HOM 620 Expository Preaching in the Pentateuch and Historical Books
(See HOM/BOT 620)

BOT/HOM 621 Expository Preaching in the Prophets and Apocalypse
(See HOM/BOT 621)

BOT/HOM 622 Expository Preaching in the Psalms and Wisdom Literature
(See HOM/BOT 622)

BOT 641 Specialized Exegetical Studies in the Old Testament
See note above.

BOT/BNT/MHT/PCS 646 Theological Studies Seminar
(See BNT/BOT/MHT/PCS 646.)

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