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Course Descriptions: Biblical Theology

BTH/MHT 501 The Mission of God in Biblical and Contemporary Contexts
This course consists of an in-depth study of the mission of God as it is revealed in both the Old and New Testaments. It will not only examine the text of the Scriptures but also consider the mission of God in terms of history, culture and philosophy of the people to whom the mission was delivered, the interpretation of Scripture within the Bible, the progressive development of biblical theology as new cultures and peoples were engaged by Israel and the church, the modes of mission and ministry which are evidenced in the Bible and the application of biblical missiology to the contemporary world context. Offered in the Fall and Spring terms.

BTH 529 Foundations of Biblical Theology
An introduction to biblical theology covering methodology, history, basic issues and the foundational content of the field. Correlation between biblical and systematic theology is discussed. The course includes the inspiration and authority of the scriptures and the unity of the biblical revelation as well as its diversity. Offered as needed.

BTH 530 Old Testament Theology
A study of the message, important themes and key theological concepts of the Old Testament, understanding how they are developed and expressed in the ancient cultural and historical context, with attention to the relationship of the Old Testament to the New Testament and its relevance to believers today. Offered in the Spring term.

BTH 532 New Testament Theology
An examination of New Testament theology in terms of its historical and social environment. Various approaches or emphases may be taken, depending on the instructor and/or purpose of the class. Generally, the major doctrinal themes of the New Testament are covered. Attention is given to Pentecostal and Charismatic issues. Offered in the Fall term.

BTH/PCS 533 The Holy Spirit in the New Testament Church
An investigation of the role of the Holy Spirit in the primitive Christian community. The ministry of the Spirit in the worship and interpersonal relations of Christians will be stressed. Includes a special unit on the theology of the Church. Offered as needed.

BTH/PCS 534 The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
An exegetical and theological examination of the classical Pentecostal understanding of Spirit baptism. The historical development of the doctrine and relevant hermeneutical issues will also be considered. Offered as needed.

BTH/PCS 538 The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament
An exegetical and biblical theological study of all the major references to the Holy Spirit in the Old
Testament with emphasis on the various aspects of the work of the Spirit in the lives of God’s people. It
will also show how these themes provide foundational support for Pentecostal experience and doctrine.
Offered as needed.

BTH/MHT/PCS 540 The Holy Spirit and Mission
(See MHT/BTH/PCS 540).

BTH 550 Biblical Theology of Women in Ministry and Leadership
Scripture and history provide two bookends between which issues relevant to the ministry and leadership of women can be discussed. Integrating history with hermeneutics, through careful observation of the Lord’s acts, one comes to understand God’s ways (Psalm 103:7) Taking a narrative approach (with special focus on cultural contexts, the call of God, and roles of women), this course tells the stories of women throughout the Bible and history and can thus help students locate their stories within the context of God’s story.

BTH/PCS 632 Biblical Theology of Signs and Wonders
An analysis of signs and wonders in the Scriptures with reference to the various words which express these phenomena and the cultural contexts that shaped the particular worldviews of biblical authors and their opponents. Related issues of contemporary interest and relevance (e.g., their relationship to faith and spiritual warfare) will also be considered and the scriptural evidence examined. Offered as needed.

BTH/PCS/PTH 635 The Theology and Practice of Spiritual Gifts
This course combines biblical (especially the Gospels and Paul’s Letters), missiological, theological and pastoral insights to the charismata (gifts of the Spirit). It presents the biblical-theological basis for understanding and charismatic nature of the New Testament church and its ministry. Moreover, it seeks to develop biblical insights and principles for the use and praxis of spiritual gifts in the church. Emphasis will be given to the need for pastors and missionaries to grasp the sensitivities and unique needs of multi-cultural churches, especially as it relates to spiritual gifts. Most importantly, the development of gift ministry in our own lives is emphasized, encouraged and practiced. Offered as needed.

BTH 640 Specialized Studies in Biblical Theology
Study of the theology of a selected biblical author, book or topic. Offered as needed.

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