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Course Descriptions: Missions Strategy (MSS)

MSS 543 Seminar in Assemblies of God Missions Structure
A thorough review of policies and procedures in the implementation of an ongoing missionary program especially to the missionary’s home board and field of service. Restricted to missionary personnel.

MSS/MHT 545 Current Issues in Missiology
A course dealing with the trends and issues affecting contemporary missionary outreach of the Church
throughout the world. Emphasis will be placed on the practical implications of these issues on present and future missionary activity.

MSS 547 Missions and National Church Strategies
A study of strategies, using New Testament missionary principles, for church multiplication across cultural lines, between sending and receiving bodies, and among fraternal organizations. Among the topics to be considered are indigenous church objectives, the organization of mission efforts, missionary training and conflict resolution.

MSS/PTH 552 Approaches to Muslims
A survey of Christian approaches to evangelizing Islamic people.  The study will include the theological, contextual and practical approaches.  Key issues such as proper attitudes, spiritual warfare, servanthood, sensitivity to culture and appropriate use of Scripture will be treated.

MSS 629/CE 626 Administration in Theological Education
An overview of Bible school administration in a cross-cultural context. Using a basis of organization/management theory, traditional and nontraditional forms of administration are made relevant to domestic and foreign settings. Governance, personnel relationships, fiscal matters, curriculum development, and assessment issues will be studied.

MSS 630/CE 627 Instruction and Assessment in Theological Education
A study of teaching and evaluation methods and strategies appropriate to the Bible institute/college context. The structure and content of course plans, syllabi and individual lesson plans will be examined and explained. Various teaching methods and techniques will be demonstrated and evaluated. Testing and other evaluation methods will be presented and discussed.

MSS 639 Special Studies in Missions Strategy
A course offered, as the need arises, to deal with a specific topic or issue in the area of missions strategy.

MSS 640 A Theology of Power in Ecclesial and Missional Structures
The challenge of this course is to develop a biblical vision of redeemed power that transforms personal relationships and social organizations. In this globalized world, multinational communities, churches and mission partnerships are the contexts in which diverse cultural views on the legitimate use of power can quickly create divisions. Students will investigate scripture and critique various applications of power found in church and missions structures using sociological and anthropological tools.

MSS 641 Practicum in Intercultural Ministry I (3 or 6 credits)
An opportunity for the student to be exposed to a ministry that obliges him/her to cross a cultural frontier overseas or in the United States. The distinguishing characteristic of this practicum is that a student must work in, and subsequently verbalize the cultural factor in, an environment of a subculture or a minority/ethnic setting other than his or her own traditional cultural roots. Note: Student must have completed the following four core courses prior to registering for the practicum: BTH/MHT 501, MHT 635, MCC/MHT 642 and MCC/MHT 643.  Student must petition the Global Missions Department for an exception.

MSS 642 Practicum in Intercultural Ministry II
A second practicum in intercultural ministry. (See MSS 641.)

MSS 643 Church Planting in Muslim Contexts
A survey of the major ecclesiological options and their historical development. Principles for
establishing evangelistic and discipleship ministries in Muslim societies will be explored. Special attention will be given to the unique process of establishing the church within an Islamic culture.

MSS/PTH 651 Dynamics of Mentoring
An examination of the mentoring model of learning from a biblical, historical and contemporary perspective. The purpose and context of mentoring, phases and types of mentoring, development of meaningful mentoring relationships and the interactive dynamics of the mentoring process are explored. Special emphasis is given to preparation for the mentor role.

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