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Student Life and Services

The Springfield Community

Seminary Location

AGTS is located in Springfield, Missouri’s third largest city. Springfield regularly makes the list of best communities to live due to a cost of living that rates 10.1 points below the national average, an affordable housing market and world class healthcare. Springfield is a regional travel hub, with two convenient national airports. The varied climate and close proximity to outdoor destinations like lakes, nature trails, campgrounds and parks make Springfield an ideal community for city dwellers and nature-lovers alike.

Springfield affords a variety of sporting and cultural events. It has several college football, basketball and soccer teams. Cultural offerings include the Springfield Symphony, musical and dramatic theater, festivals, downtown art walks, major concerts and a botanical garden.

For more information on Springfield and the surrounding community, please visit

Seminary Campus

Campus Location

The seminary community enjoys a 58,000 sq. ft. academic building that houses classrooms, the Cordas C. Burnett Library, a computer lab, the, William J. Seymour Chapel, the Khoo Kay Peng World Prayer Center, the Admiral Vern Clark Veterans Center and administrative offices. AGTS students may take advantage of the numerous benefits available to Evangel University students, such as use of the Mabee Fitness Center, the cafeteria, and Evangel University health services for minor medical issues and Christian counseling.

Campus Visits

We welcome prospective students to visit AGTS whenever they are in the area or in the process of deciding where to attend seminary. If the Enrollment Office knows about the visit, they will arrange a tour of the seminary, consultations with faculty, staff and students, attendance in classes of interest and guest housing. Call 1-800-467-AGTS.


Students and spouses who are interested in securing either full- or part-time employment while at AGTS may contact the Career Center at Evangel University at (417) 865-2815 or visit A limited number of jobs are available on campus and students interested in positions should complete the necessary application forms in the Student Financial Services Office. There are numerous off-campus employment opportunities.


Students are encouraged not to wait until August to make housing arrangements. Each fall an influx of approximately 28,000 students attending various educational institutions in the Springfield area reduces housing availability.

The Seminary Community

Student Life Department

AGTS is a community of seekers and learners bound together by the common cause of Christ. We believe education does not take place exclusively in the classroom, and that community life at AGTS enhances the student’s overall seminary experience.

We strive to provide students with a holistic preparation in keeping with their calling to various forms of ministry in the world. The Student Life Department exists to support the student community by providing services, programs and activities that contribute to student development in the social, personal and spiritual as well as academic areas of life.

Spiritual Formation

Chapel Services

To promote the spiritual life of the community, chapel services are held several times during the semester. Faculty, staff, students and guest speakers contribute to these services that provide the opportunity for corporate worship in the midst of the daily academic activities. At AGTS, we consider these chapel gatherings to be a vital aspect of the seminary experience. While attendance is not required, students are encouraged not to miss these opportunities for spiritual encouragement, and growth.

Prayer Groups

Student and faculty prayer groups meet at various times during the semester—often before classes, during the noon hour, and some evenings. Some pray for the work of God in various locations of the world, others pray for revival and salvation for the lost, and others pray for our seminary community or specific areas of interest.

Chapel Lectureship Series

During the fall and spring semesters, special guest lecturers come to the campus to address topics of interest to seminarians. Past lecturers have included:

  • Sobi Malek, “The Caliphate—The Islamic State”
  • Craig Keener, "Mind of the Spirit"
  • Richard Dresselhaus, “Ministry, Management, and Mediation”
  • Siang-Yang Tan,“Counseling and Psychotherapy: A Christian Perspective”
  • Ingrid Trobisch, “Family Life”
  • George Wood, “Pastoral Leadership”
  • Frank Macchia, “Life in the Spirit”
  • Russell Spittler, “Marks of Christian Community”
  • Frank Macchia, "Life in the Spirit"
  • Stanley Grenz, “What Does It Mean to Be Trinitarians”

Student Organizations

Student Leadership Council

The seminary has an active Student Leadership Council (SLC) elected by the student body annually. The council coordinates projects and activities that enhance student life, oversees a variety of student ministries groups, and serves as a liaison between the student body and faculty and administration.

The Hub

The Hub is the online student organization directory and event management site. AGTS students can stay informed of campus-wide and AGTS specific events by joining the “AGTS Student Life Office” at

International Students Association

AGTS is blessed to have students from around the globe studying on our campus. We believe that students from various cultures contribute significantly to the community. The diversity that comes from their experiences enhances our environment of faith and learning. To better serve these students AGTS has an international students association. The objectives of the association are to provide fellowship among AGTS international students, promote international cultural understanding, encourage participation in group activities, and assist new international students in adjusting to seminary life. The Student Life Office coordinates occasional multi-cultural activities to facilitate fellowship for international students.


Evangel University operates a bookstore located in Cantrell Student Union. The bookstore carries all required textbooks for seminary students, general books and supplies, and logo clothing. Bookstore purchases may be paid for with cash, check, credit card or charged to the student’s account. Each semester textbooks are shelved about one month before classes begin.

Food Services

Seminary students may purchase meals from the university's cafeteria located in Cantrell Student Union. Special meal plans are available for graduate students. There are many restaurants within close proximity to the campus. Vending machines and kitchen facilities are provided in the student lounge.

Health Insurance

Students are strongly encouraged to make arrangements to provide health insurance coverage for themselves and their families. Policy requires international students to carry health insurance while enrolled at the seminary. Contact the University Admissions Office for more information.

Student Handbook

A student handbook is accessible on the AGTS website. The handbook provides detailed policies, privileges, and procedures for academic and student life. Updates and revisions to the handbook are made on a regular basis. The monthly campus email, the Communiqué, also serves to keep students informed of updates in procedures and policies.


The seminary strives to maintain high standards of integrity in all areas of life, including interpersonal and community relationships, academic work, and ministry. Students, faculty and staff are expected to live exemplary Christian lives, practicing respect and concern for all people, honesty, appropriate behavior and wise judgment as outlined in Scripture.

Believing that all persons are created in God’s image and that the body of a believer in Christ is the temple of the Holy Spirit, the seminary interprets the Bible to forbid fornication, adultery, homosexuality, use of pornography, drunkenness, and use of illegal drugs. Seminary policy prohibits the use of alcohol and tobacco while enrolled at AGTS.

Seminary students are expected to conform to these standards, and in doing so to give evidence of a Christian life and character so as to commend the Gospel, strengthen the church, and honor the Lord.

Placement Assistance

Faculty and administration frequently work directly with church leaders and graduates in securing professional appointments.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

AGTS complies with the regulations of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Sec. 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and will provide reasonable accommodations for students with physical or learning disabilities. Inquiries or complaints concerning the application of Sec. 504 or the ADA may be referred to the academic dean or the director of student services.

A student with disabilities may request assistance during their time of study at AGTS. In such cases that the disability is not immediately apparent, student is required to provide official documentation from a professional (e.g., a medical doctor, psychologist or rehabilitation therapist) of the disability. Documentation may be submitted to the Student Services Office and must be provided at least thirty days prior to the beginning of the semester for which accommodations are requested.

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