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CommuniquÉ—February 2004
Volume XXVIII, Number 6
News and Information for the AGTS Community

Singles' Potluck

  • Friday, February 13
  • Time:  6:30-9:00 p.m.
  • Place:  Student Lounge
  • Come enjoy a time of food, fun and fellowship with other single AGTS students

Parents' Night Out

  • Parents in need of a date night? 
  • Drop off your children at AGTS on Friday, February 13; 6-9 p.m. so you and your spouse can enjoy an evening on the town. 
Chili Cook-Off
  • Get out your favorite chili recipe and biggest pot and take part in the not-so famous AGTS Chili Cook-Off. 
  • Wednesday, February 25, 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. in the Student Lounge
  • Prizes will be awarded.
SAC Nominations & Voting
  • February 2-13, SAC will be accepting nominations for the 2004-05 SAC team.
  • February 17-27, students will vote for new SAC team members.
  • Pray and seek God's will as to whom you should nominate and be open to hear from God, for He may ask you to serve. 
Women's Fellowship Soup Night
  • All AGTS community women are invited to enjoy a time of fellowship and encouragement.
  • February 20 at 6:30 p.m. at AGTS, balcony
  • Dr. Lori O'Dea will be the special speaker.
  • RSVP with Norma at the front desk or call Lois at 833-6814
  • Childcare is available upon request. 

Scholarships Available

  • Scholarships are available for two conferences.

    Pentecostals Preachers Week

    • March 8-10 at Central Assembly
    • Application deadline: February 12
    • Fee: Waived—Funded by the General Council of the Assemblies of God
    • Pick up application from Cristy Neuman
    • Applicable to current students ONLY 
    • Available for credit

    Women in Ministry Conference

    • March 10-12 at Central Assembly
    • Fee: $5.00 (with scholarship application)
    • Application deadline: February 12
    • Pick up application from Cristy Neuman
    • Applicable to current students ONLY
    • Available for credit

Academic News

Jan Maempa—dean@agts.eduor 268-1014
Norma Simmons—faculty@agts.eduor 268-1070  

Fall 2004 Practicums

  • Fall practicums must be approved and processed February 10-13, 2004.
  • Applications are available from Norma Simmons, or if a counseling practicum, from Angela Reid. 

Attention Spring Graduates

Free Insurance for Children

  • Do you need medical insurance for your children while in seminary?
  • Missouri Medicaid MC Plus Insurance, an income based program, might be of assistance.
  • For more information call MC Plus at 895-6761 or call Dr. Bradford or Angie Reid at 268-1085.

Faculty News

Dr. Warren Newberry

  • Published two articles in Encyclopedia of Protestantism entitled:  "Malawi" and "Roland Allen" Publisher: Routledge/Taylor and Francis, 2003

Dr. Gary McGee

  • Introducing World Missions: Biblical, Historical, and Practical Survey (Baker Books) by Moreau, Corwin and McGee—just off the press!

Dr. Mark Bradford

  • Will present "Spiritual Relapse Prevention Strategies" seminars on February 6-8, 2004, in Riverside California for Teen Challenge and other Regional Addiction Treatment Centers

Dr. James Hernando

  • Taught New Testament Theology at the International Center for Christian Leadership in Kiev, Ukraine, on January 15-24, 2004

Dr. Joseph Castleberry

  • "Healings, Miracles and Gifts of Healing." Chapter in Pentecostal Gifts and Ministries in a Postmodern Era, edited by James Bridges (GPH, 2004)
  • Spoke at the Potomac District Chi Alpha Retreat in Virginia on January 30-February 1

Dr. Steven Lim

  • Spoke at a Missions Conference at Grace Assembly in Singapore on January 10-11 and 17-18
  • Spoke at a Leadership Conference in Malaysia on January 12-14 & in Katmandu, Nepal, on January 20-22.  

Admissions, Records & Financial Aid News 

Sarah Clark—admissions@agts.eduor 268-1025
Debbie Bourland—

or 268-1028  

Records Office needs your email address

If you are not receiving AGTS information via email, please contact Sarah in the Admissions Office with your current email address.

Summer & Fall Registration

  • Plan to register during February 24-27.
  • Details will be emailed or placed in your AGTS mail box.
  • Beginning February 17, sign up for an appointment with your advisor for registration week (see forms posted by faculty offices). 

AGTS Rings & Graduation Announcements

  • On February 26, a Jostens representative will be on campus to take orders for class rings and graduation announcements.
  • Stop by the table near the Admissions Office to place your order.

Late Spring Loan

  • Deadline to secure a Stafford Loan—February 13.
  • Contact the Financial Aid Office for details.

Deadlines for Summer Loans

Apply Now for Fall Financial Aid

  • Complete the FAFSA 2004-05 form available at   
  • Note the deadlines for Fall 2004:    
    • Priority service deadline—March 31   
    • Secondary deadline—April 30   
    • Final deadline—July 16
  • Note: There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the above deadlines in order to provide better service to students who complete the process on time.
  • For assistance, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Student Life

Cristy Neuman—studentservices@agts.eduor 268-1081
Peter Dell—studentservices@agts.eduor 268-1093

Spiritual Formation Requirement

  • New students will need to make an appointment with Dr. Jay Taylor to go over their Christian Life Profile test.
  • Returning students who are second and third semester students who have not met with Dr. Taylor to go over the Wagner-Modified Houts Questionnaire, need to schedule an appointment.  
  • Contact Cristy in the Student Services Office or call 268-1081 to schedule an appointment.

Deferred Payment

  • The next deferred payment is due on February 15. 
  • If your payment is not received by this date, your account will be assessed a $25 late fee.

Editors Needed for Spring 2004 semester

  • We are looking for students that would be willing to help other students edit their papers. (You tell us what you charge per page to edit.)  
  • If you would like us to put your name on a list to give out to other students and received "A" work in English in your undergraduate studies, please contact Cristy in the Student Services Office at 268-1081.

Musicians needed for chapel

  • If you play drums, guitar, or any other instruments or would like to be on the worship team, please contact Jonathan DiStaulo at 889-1269.

Need a FREE email address?

  • Contact Rick in the Library to set up a free email account accessible at home or in the computer lab.  

Development News

Veronica Smith—partners@agts.eduor 268-1012

Growing and Leading the Large Pentecostal Church Conference

  • March 24-26, 2004, Fort Myers Florida
  • AGTS presents a leading edge conference that will impact your ministry.
  • You'll interact with top leaders as they share key insights on proven ways to grow and lead a large Pentecostal church.
  • Conference topics include
    • Structuring your church for growth
    • Leading your organization through change
    • Effectively impacting your culture
    • Developing your organization's leaders
    • Leading in times of crisis
    • Achieving financial strength and stability: A Businessman Speaks to Pastors Credit option available
  • For more information or to register contact Veronica at 268-1012 or

Account Statements

  • Scholarships and discounts for the spring semester posted to accounts in January.
  • Please review your next statement carefully.
  • If you notice any discrepancies, please contact the Business Office (268-1035) immediately.

Scholarship Awards

  • Award notifications will be released by the end of February.

Enrollment/Recruitment News

Karen Partain—info@agts.eduor 268-1031

Recruitment Trips

  • Mario Guerreiro will visit
    • Brazilian District—February 9
    • Florida Southern—February 11
    • Southeastern—February 12.
  • Jason Bowman will represent AGTS at the Chi Alpha Ministers Conference '04 in Atlanta, Georgia, on February 27-March 1.

AGTS/SAGU Agreement

  • Agreement was signed between AGTS and Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) granting preference to SAGU students transferring into AGTS' Master of Divinity program, in pursuit of their Doctor of Ministry.
  • Agreement ensures that all 36 credit hours from SAGU's Masters in Bible and Theology will be accepted 
  • SAGU alumni will receive a 10% tuition discount.

NCCAA Basketball Tournament

  • AGTS awarded two $1000 scholarships at the CBC Basketball Tournament on January 8.
  • AGTS was invited to set up a recruitment booth at the upcoming NCCAA tournament, March 4-6 at CBC.

Chapel Schedule

Updated: Monday, April 7, 2008 12:08 PM


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