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CommuniquÉ—March 2004
Volume XXVIII, Number 7
News and Information for the AGTS Community

Seminary Day

  • Encourage a friend to "come savor the flavor" of AGTS by attending Seminary Day on Friday, March 19
  • If you are interested in serving our prospective students by providing housing, transportation or helping with special events on campus, please  contact Karen Partain at 268-1031

AGTS Easter Extravaganza

  • Saturday, April 3, AGTS will host the first annual Easter outreach to the community surrounding the Seminary 
  • Needed  
    • Volunteers 
    • Donations of Easter Candy 
    • Lots of Prayer
  • Join the AGTS community and be a part of facilitating a time of God’s divine intervention for someone in our neighborhood.
  • For further information, contact the SAC office.
SAC Dinner
  • Join other evening students for a time of fellowship
  • Tuesday, March 16, 5:30-6:30 p.m. in the student lounge
SAC Lunch
  • Looking for lunch and fellowship?  You found the right place! 
  • SAC lunch is a great place to connect with old friends and make new ones
  • Join the SAC lunch scheduled for Thursday, March 18, 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. in the Student Lounge
Looking for a Summer Job?
  • The AGTS Library will have Work-Study positions opening up at the end of the Spring semester.
  • For further details on the application process, contact Rick Oliver (268-1059) or Alaine Buchanan (268-1063) in the Library.

Academic News

Jan Maempa—dean@agts.eduor 268-1014
Norma Simmons—faculty@agts.eduor 268-1070  

Final Exam Schedule

Attention Spring Graduates

Business Office News

Jeff Dorn— or 268-1035

March Deferred Payment

  • The third deferred payment for the spring term is due by March 15. 
  • Past due accounts will be assessed a $25 late payment fee.

Admissions, Records & Financial Aid News 

Sarah Clark—admissions@agts.eduor 268-1025
Debbie Bourland—

or 268-1028  

Registration for Classes

  • Course changes can be made anytime between now and the beginning of classes.
  • Summer and fall registration continues on  May 3, June 1 and June 28

Spring Grades

  • The spring semester formally ends on Friday, April 23.
  • Grades will be available in student mailboxes on May 6.

To Apply for Summer Financial Aid

Apply Now for Fall Financial Aid

  • Note the deadlines for Fall 2004:    
    • Priority service deadline—March 31   
    • Secondary deadline—April 30   
    • Final deadline—July 16
  • Complete the FAFSA 2004-05 form available at   
  • Click on:  “Fill out a FAFSA” or "Fill out a Renewal FAFSA” (if borrowing in 2003-04)
  • After completing FAFSA, submit your request with your Pin number.
  • Submit completed AGTS Financial Aid Forms (available in FA Office)
  • Note: There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the above deadlines in order to provide better service to students who complete the process on time.
  • For assistance, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Student Life

Cristy Neuman—studentservices@agts.eduor 268-1081
Peter Dell—studentservices@agts.eduor 268-1093

New SAC Team to be Announced

  • New SAC officers will be announced March 8-12

Wireless Connection to the Internet

  • Wireless connectivity to the Internet is now available in the Library for all those with wireless-enabled notebooks and/or PDAs.


  • Students, please be courteous to fellow students by cleaning up after yourself throughout the building.  
  • Due to frequent use of classrooms, we request that you be responsible to discard all garbage in proper receptacles and leave the classrooms clean.

Faculty News

Dr. Earl Creps

  • Paper entitled, “Postmodern Pentecostals: A Listening Project Among Emerging Leaders” will be presented at SPS in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dr. Joseph Castleberry

  • Was the missions convention speaker at First Assembly of God, San Diego, California on February 6-8.

Dr. Gary McGee

  • Was the featured speaker at the Ministers’ Institute of the Northern New England District in Portland, Maine on February 2-4
  • Article released entitled, "'More Than Evangelical': The Challenge of the Evolving Theological Identity of the Assemblies of God," Pnuema:  The Journal of the Society for Pentecostal Studies 25 (Fall 2003): 289-300.

Development News

Veronica Smith—partners@agts.eduor 268-1012

Growing and Leading the Large Pentecostal Church Conference

  • March 24-26, 2004, Fort Myers Florida
  • AGTS presents a leading edge conference that will impact your ministry.
  • You'll interact with top leaders as they share key insights on proven ways to grow and lead a large Pentecostal church.
  • Conference topics include
    • Structuring your church for growth
    • Leading your organization through change
    • Effectively impacting your culture
    • Developing your organization's leaders
    • Leading in times of crisis
    • Achieving financial strength and stability: A Businessman Speaks to Pastors Credit option available
  • Credit option available
  • For more information or to register contact Veronica at 268-1012 or

Enrollment/Recruitment News

Karen Partain—info@agts.eduor 268-1031

Mario Guerreiro’s Travel

  • March 10-12-Women’s Conference at Central Assembly, Springfield, Missouri
  • March 21-23-Zion Bible  Institute, Providence,  Rhode Island
  • March 24-27-”Growing and Leading the Large Pentecostal Church” Conference, Ft. Myers, Florida

Jason Bowman’s Recruitment Trips

  • March 4-6-NCCAA  Basketball Tournament at Central Bible College,  Springfield, Missouri
  • March 19-22-Speaker at Montana Promise Keepers Conference

Chapel Schedule

Updated: Thursday, March 4, 2004 10:03 AM


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