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CommuniquÉ—May 2004
Volume XXVIII, Number 9
News and Information for the AGTS Community

Farewell Dr. Mark Bradford

  • The seminary expresses deep gratitude to Dr. Mark Bradford for seven years of dedicated teaching and leadership at AGTS. Best wishes, Dr. Bradford!


  • Paper copies of syllabi will no longer be distributed in classes.
  • Officially approved summer syllabi can be found on the AGTS website at or in the library upon request.

World Class Faculty Guests—Summer 2004

Marc Turnage—Hebrew IA and IB  

  • M.A., Jerusalem University College; Ph.D. candidate, Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv.  
  • Turnage has mastered modern and classical Hebrew during several years of study in Israel and has perfected a method of teaching Hebrew with pictorial images that make the language easier to understand.

Frank Macchia—The Holy Spirit and Salvation  

  • Th.D., University of Basel.  
  • Associate Professor of Christian Theology; Director of Graduate Program in Religion, Vanguard University
  • Specialty: Pentecostal Theology  
  • Past president of Society for Pentecostal Studies
  • Editor of Pneuma: The Journal of the Society for Pentecostal Studies

David Lim—Theology and Practice of Charismatic Ministry.  

  • D.Min., Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary  
  • Pastor of Grace AG Church in Singapore
  • President of Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, Philippines
  • Author of Spiritual Gifts—A Fresh Look and several chapters in Systematic Theology—A    Pentecostal Perspective and Pentecostal Pastor

Ivan Satyavrata—Decisiveness of Christ in a Pluralistic Society.  

  • D.Phil., Oxford Centre for Mission Studies
  • President, Southern India Bible College
  • Chairman of the Asia Theological Association in India

Dr. Klaus' Ministry in May

  • Commencement speaker at Zion Bible Institute, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Speaker at the Pastor’s Conference at the Christ for Ireland Pastor’s Institute in Dublin, Ireland
  • Plenary speaker at the Oxford World Mission Briefing at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, Oxford, United Kingdom

Chapel Schedule

  • Chapel during the summer session will be held every Tuesday from 11:50 a.m.-12:20 p.m., beginning on May 11 and ending on June 22.


Academic News

Jan Maempa—dean@agts.eduor 268-1014
Norma Simmons—faculty@agts.eduor 268-1070  

Attention Summer Graduates

  • Please note the following dates and deadlines for the comprehensive examination and the analytical reflection paper.
  • Summer Session I—June 7
  • Summer Session II & Post session—July 6

Admissions, Records & Financial Aid News 

Sarah Clark—admissions@agts.eduor 268-1025
Debbie Bourland—

or 268-1028  

You’ve Got Mail!

  • Check your email account periodically for special announcements, registration updates, etc.
  • If your email address changes, contact the registrar (

Summer Registration Still Open

  • It is not too late to consider taking a summer class.
  • Contact the Records Office:
    • First summer sessionMay 3
    • Second summer sessionJune 1
    • Post summer sessionJune 28

Late Summer Financial Aid

  • If you missed the deadline for summer federal financial aid, you may still be eligible for a
    late loan.
  • Students applying late need to make regular deferred payments through the Business Office via personal funds, credit card or a short-term loan from an outside lender until the late loan funds arrive.
  • For more information, contact Debbie at


Final Deadline: Fall Stafford & Perkins Loans

  • July 16 is the final deadline for all financial aid forms to be submitted to the Financial Aid Office and the FAFSA 2004-05 to be finalized by the Central Processor.  
  • Submit your FAFSA electronically and turn your forms into the Financial Aid Office to meet the deadline.

Business Office News

Jeff Dorn— or 268-1035

Deferred Payment Dates

  • Deferred payment dates for the summer semester are May 3, June 15 and July 15.  
  • Past due accounts are subject to a $25 per month late fee.

Full Cash Payment Discount

  • If you pay off the summer balance of your account in full on or before May 3, the Business Office will post a 1% tuition rebate to your account for the summer semester.  
  • To be eligible for this rebate, however, your entire summer balance must be paid in full no later than May 3, regardless of the session(s) in which you are enrolled.  
  • The 1% is calculated on the net tuition fee, which is the total tuition charge less institutional aid and other institutional discounts and available only to regular, masters-level students in the resident program.  
  • If you have questions, please stop by the Business Office.

Faculty News

Dr.Roger Cotton

  • Attended the annual meeting of the Central States Region of the Society of Biblical Literature in St. Louis on March 28-29.

Dr.Edgar Lee

  • Chaired ATS evaluating team to Logos Evangelical Seminary, El Monte, California,
    April 18-21.

Dr.Stephen Lim

  • Speaker for the National Chinese Fellowship Ministers’ Retreat in Redwood City, California, from March 22-24.

Dr. Jim Railey

  • Attended Society for Pentecostal Studies Conference, March 11-13, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Responded to a paper presented by Sin Ho Kim, “The Body—The Bearer of Blessing: The      Comparison of The Concepts of The Body and Blessings Between Korean Pentecostalism and Shamanism”
  • Wrote “Arminian Response to Open View,” Pneuma Review 7:2 (Spring 2004), 51-56;  “Arminian Response to Charismatic Calvinism View,” Pneuma Review 7:2 (Spring 2004),


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