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CommuniquÉ—September 2001

Volume XXVI Number 1

Admissions, Records and Financial Aid | Chapel Schedule | Continuing Education | Library | President | Student Life | Student Advisory Council |Vice President for Academic Affairs | Women's Fellowship Group

From the President's Office... (top)

Convocation, August 30

AGTS will conduct its Fifth Annual Convocation on Thursday, August 30, at 10 a.m. in the chapel. This is a great opportunity to bring your families to participate in your Seminary experience by attending a chapel service.

To accommodate Convocation, class schedules will be adjusted on August 30 as follows:

  • First Period 7:30-8:30 a.m.
  • Second Period 8:40-9:40 a.m.
  • Convocation 10-11 a.m.
  • Classes Resume Usual Schedules 11:15 a.m.

From the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs... (top)

Sign up for one of these exciting elective courses!

The AGTS administration and faculty work hard to schedule exciting elective courses in addition to the required courses of your degree program.  The following courses are presently under subscribed and we would urge you to consider them for your fall schedule.  We will even waive the drop/add fee for those of you who have already registered!

  • PHI 631/THE 628 Apologetics (Railey)
  • RES 531 Research and Writing (J. Lee)
  • BIB 637 Current Issues in Biblical Interpretation (Hernando)
  • MSS 630/CE 627 Instruction & Assessment in Theological Education (Davis)
  • MCS 632 Area Studies: Korea (J. Lee)
  • PTH 628 Legal Issues for Churches & Clergy (Hammar)
  • THE 549 Doctrine of Christ (Railey)
  • HIS 642 History of Signs & Wonders in Ministry (McGee)
  • BTH/HIS/THE 646 Theological Studies Seminar (Aker)
  • MHT 533/HIS 547 History of Christian Missions (Cavaness) 
  • BTH 532 New Testament Theology (Aker)
  • PTH 640 Hospital Ministry (Cooper)
  • MTHM 534/HISM 548 History of Jewish Christian Relations (Gannon)
Emergency Communications

For emergencies only, family members may reach AGTS students by calling the following numbers:

  • Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.—Office: (417) 268-1000
  • Early mornings, evenings, and Saturdays—Library: (417) 268-1058
  • All other times—Security: (417) 268-1002
Chaplaincy Scholarships

Applications for chaplaincy scholarships (military, veterans affairs, industrial, institutional) from the Assemblies of God Chaplaincy Department are now available online at or from Jan Maempa in the Vice President’s Office. The application deadline is September 13.

Free Audit for Spouses

Spouses of full-time students enrolled in nine hours or more are encouraged to unofficially audit one course free of charge. To register, complete the Student Spouse Registration for Unofficial Audit form ( file or pick one up from the Admissions and Records Office) and return it to the Admissions and Records Office by September 13.

Student Appointments with Faculty

Students seeking appointments with faculty members should sign up on the appointment forms posted by their respective office doors. Students who phone from off-campus should contact the faculty secretary, Lois Hubbard, at 268-1000 or

Attention Fall Graduates

Please be reminded that the comprehensive examination date and both the M.A.T.S. seminary-quality paper and the analytical reflections paper (see guidelines for analytical reflection paper,) deadline for fall graduates is Monday, November 5.

Bible and Theology Departmental Lectureship

Roger Cotton will lecture on the topic, “Numbers 11 and Doing a Pentecostal, Biblical Theology of Church Leadership,” on Tuesday, September 25, at 2:30 p.m. in room 114. Immediately following his presentation, Dr. Cotton will lead an open discussion on how one might go about producing a Pentecostal, biblical theology of church leadership. The lectureship will be based on Dr. Cotton’s article, “The Pentecostal Significance of Numbers 11,” which is scheduled for publication in the October 2001 edition of the Journal of Pentecostal Theology.

Spring Practicums

Students planning to do a practicum during the 2002 spring semester must schedule an approval interview with the appropriate practicum coordinator (see course offering schedule for coordinator) on October 2-5 or October 16-19. Pick up appropriate forms from the faculty secretary.

Final Exam Week Schedule

In planning your semester schedule, please note the final exam schedule on this website or in the AGTS Student Handbook, which can be downloaded at

Global Missions Track

For students interested in overseas ministry, the Global Missions Track may be fitted into almost any AGTS degree program. Contact Barbara Cavaness (268-1083) about the possibility of study in a domestic or foreign setting.

Student Counseling

Currently enrolled students may arrange appointments with the counseling faculty through the counseling faculty secretary, Angela Reid (268-1085 or

Edgar Lee receives awards during the Christian Higher Education Luncheon at General Council.

Faculty News: AGTS Faculty Receive Awards at General Council

We are very pleased to announce that three of our people were recognized for their outstanding service to AG schools during the General Council of the Assemblies of God in Kansas City, Mo. Awards were presented during the Christian Higher Education Luncheon on August 9.

  • Edgar Lee was awarded both the Administrator Award and the Distinguished Administrator Award.
  • Gary McGee was presented the Distinguished Educator Award based on his exemplary faithfulness and distinction as a minister and educator for 34 years. Read Gary McGee's sermon entitled, "The Gift of Teaching in a Pentecostal Context: A Personal Reflection," spoken in Chapel on 9/19/2001.
  • Ben Aker received the Educator Award for his outstanding service as a minister and educator for over 25 years.

Our heartfelt congratulations to each of these outstanding leaders!

Stephen Lim had three articles published.

  • "Telling the Truth—Does It Pay?" in Plain Truth, May-June, 2001
  • "Your Job—Curse, Career, or Calling?" in Plain Truth, May-June, 2001
  • "Discover Who You Are—The Secret of Self-esteem" in Today's Christian Youth, Spring, 2001

Gary McGee's article "Pentecostalism" was published in A Dictionary of Asian Christianity, edited by Scott W. Sunquist (Grand Rapids: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2001).

From the Office of Admissions, Records, and Financial Aid... (top)

Last Day to Register or Change Classes

Fall resident course changes will be accepted through Thursday, September 13. Drop/add forms must be submitted promptly to the Records Office for your account to be credited.

Tuition Refund Policy*
Prior to August 30 100%
August 30-September 7 90%
September 10-17 80%
September 18-25 70%
After September 25 0%

*Fees are nonrefundable

(If withdrawing from a class after September 13 or if receiving a federal loan, see the AGTS catalog.)

New Address?

Keep AGTS updated regarding your address, telephone, and email changes by contacting the Admissions and Records Office ( use the Student Update web form or see Cherda Pino, 268-1022).

Register for May 2002 Graduation

October 1 is the deadline to apply for graduation. If you plan to finish your degree requirements anytime between now and August 2002, you must register now. Contact Sarah Clark (268-1025) in the Records Office for the appropriate form .

Stafford Loan Entrance Interview

If you missed the Stafford Loan Entrance Interview during registration, contact Marilyn Erickson (268-1028) in the Financial Aid Office, or complete the entrance interview online at (This is a federal requirement for first-time AGTS borrowers.)

Late Loan Applications

All loan paperwork submitted now will be processed in November. Late applications will be accepted through October 8.

Perkins Loans
If you have been awarded a fall Perkins Loan, September 4 is the deadline to sign a promissory note and complete the form to accept or decline the award. After that date, those monies must be awarded to other Seminarians. Contact Marilyn Erickson (268-1028) in the Financial Aid Office.

From the Office of Continuing Education... (top)

General Council Seminars

Transforming the Church for the 21st Century with Brian McLaren was a huge success with 87 in attendance. We have been receiving positive reports from the participants.

We appreciated being able to network with other GC seminars and include additional options for our students. We felt it was just a beginning to many more networking opportunities.

Ninety credit hours were taken during the week of General Council in the following courses: Transforming Church Ministry, Writing with a Difference, Equipping Women for Leadership, Focus on Your Financial Future.

Randy, Paula and Linda would like to thank each department for teaming with the Continuing Education Office concerning these efforts, which yielded such a positive outcome.

Module Options
  • PTHM 624 Renewing the Established Church with John Spurling, Sept. 10-14
  • PTHM 526 Leading Church Outreach and Assimilation with David Watson, Sept. 17-21
  • PCPM 632 Test and Measurements with Melody Palm, Oct. 8-12
  • BTHM 530 Old Testament Theology with Roger Cotton, Oct. 15-19
  • HOMM 531 Methods of Biblical Preaching with Richard Dresselhaus, Nov. 5-9
  • MHTM 534/HISM 548 History of Jewish-Christian Relations with Ray Gannon, Nov. 12-16

NOTE: All fall modules are Monday-Friday from 1-5 p.m./6-10 p.m. Syllabi available in the C.E. Office

Branch Campus Information

AGTS has 11 courses offered this fall at our Branch Campuses, Valley Forge Christian College, Southeastern College and North Central University. We would like to express appreciation to Steve Nichols for working so diligently to assist the Continuing Education participants attending class at the various Branch Campuses.

Distance Learning Program

Distance learning courses are available to resident students. If you are interested, please check with the CE Department for a complete listing and request form or visit Distance Learning on this website.

From the Office of Student Life... (top)

Guest Chapel Speakers
  • John Marshall, pastor of Second Baptist, Springfield, Mo., will speak on Wednesday, September 12 and Thursday, September 13. 
  • Wayne Benson, new Central Bible College (CBC) president will speak on Thursday, September 27. 
  • On Tuesday, September 25 Jerry Snavely, North Springfield Presbyter, will speak.  He will address the topic "Participating and getting involved in the local church."
AGTS Community Worship & Praise Service

All AGTS students/families, faculty, and staff are invited to attend a Community Worship & Praise Service on Friday, September 14 in the AGTS chapel from 7:15 to 8:15 p.m.  Babysitting will be provided. Don't miss this opportunity for uplifting worship and encouraging fellowship!

Legal Reporting Requirements For Students and Employees

For continued participation in federal financial aid programs, AGTS is legally required to release several reports each year, many of which with sensitive and easily misunderstood information on security, sexual offenses, and alcohol/drug abuse. The following are available on the computers in the student computer lab under Public Documents. Please feel free to print copies of these documents. AGTS makes every effort to cooperate with federal mandates and to ensure the safety and spiritual well being of our student body. Let us be attentive and sensitive to the implications of our personal and corporate behavior.

a. Campus Security/Drug and Alcohol Policies: This document is a crime report on campus for the last three years that provides vital information to enhance your security. It also clearly establishes policies and provides legal guidance with reference to drug and alcohol abuse.

b. Policies Regarding Sexual Offenses and Sexual Harassment: This document clearly identifies sexual offenses and harassment and provides appropriate penalties to be assessed by the Seminary as well as procedures to be followed if abuse occurs.

From the Cordas C. Bernett Library... (top)

Closed Labor Day Weekend

The Library will be closed Labor Day weekend, Saturday-Monday, September 1-3.

Library announces faster connections and greater access to periodicals/journals online!

AGTS is now on MOREnet—which means faster connections, better service, and access to EBSCOhost Web. EBSCO has an unparalleled collection of full text periodicals and scholarly journals, U.S. and international newspapers, reference books and detailed pamphlets. EBSCOhost Web is available to students on all public computers in the library and to staff/faculty/administration on their network computers.

From the Women's Fellowship Group, Klasis... (top)

Klasis…a Community of Women Called
  • to God
  • to each other
  • to the world.

Please mark your calendar and plan to join us! The AGTS Women’s Fellowship is open to all women associated with the seminary. This includes students, student wives, staff, faculty and staff/faculty wives. We look forward to your attendance and encourage you to bring someone with you!

Fall Meeting: Brunch at the Klaus’ House

When: Saturday, October 6, 9:30-11:30 a.m.

Where: 6527 N. Crystal Valley Lane. Go north on Glenstone, make a left on farm road 68, the second left is Crystal Valley. Turn into the third driveway on the right (approximately nine miles north of the seminary). Farm road 68 is 1.5 miles north of the flashing light/stop sign intersection at AA. If you get to WW or KK you have gone too far.

Childcare is not provided. Call Lois (833-6814) if you have any questions or need additional information. Please RSVP attendance only to Lois.

From Student Advisory Council... (top)

What is SAC?

The AGTS student body elects a Student Advisory Council (SAC) annually. This team coordinates projects and activities that enhance student life, oversees and enables a variety of student ministry groups, and serves as a liaison between the student body and faculty and administration. SAC is available for the student body's needs, questions, suggestions and ideas to better empower and enrich the AGTS community. We are excited about this year and our theme, "Vessels of Destiny."

We believe God has incredible plans in store for each member of the AGTS community. The SAC Office is located upstairs, room 219, across from the faculty lounge. You are welcome to visit anytime the doors are open. If you would like to contact us, please choose one of the following options:

Ice Cream Social

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) invites all new students and their families to attend the complimentary Ice Cream Social at Dr. Klaus' house August 29 from 6-8 p.m. There will be games, swimming, good fellowship and great ice cream with the faculty and new members of the AGTS community. Welcome to this annual event!

Classes begin August 30

Feeling overwhelmed? Hey, relax, you only have 14 more weeks to go!

Tour of the Springfield Area

There will be a tour of the Springfield area to help international students and/or spouses become acquainted with local practical sites, e.g. banks, shops, areas of interest, etc. Date and time to be announced.

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Pray with us for our annual Spiritual Emphasis Week September 4-7 with Alicia Chole, national Chi Alpha field staff. Services will include daily chapels as well as an evening service, Thursday, 7 p.m. Your entire family is invited to attend these important meetings which set the spiritual tone for the year.

AGTS Picnic

Don't miss the community-wide AGTS Picnic on September 8! This popular event for the entire family will be held at Smith Park directly west of AGTS on Division Street. Children's activities, outdoor games and the annual faculty-student softball match will introduce us to each other at our best. Bring a salad or dessert. Enjoy complimentary hotdogs and burgers fresh off the grill. Beverages and condiments will be provided.

SAC Lunch & Dinner

Join us for the first SAC Lunch outdoors on the west patio September 11. You may visit anytime from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. for the free barbecue lunch and good fellowship. Dr. Jay (Taylor) grills up a mean hotdog!

Also, night class students are invited to the first ever SAC dinner on the same evening from 5-6:30 p.m. Don't miss it!

Brown Bag Lunch with Faculty

Every month we will host an opportunity to discuss some intellectual topics with your favorite profs! The first Brown Bag Lunch with Faculty will be held on Tuesday, September 25 in the newly redecorated student lounge. Bring your lunch and plan on spending the noon hour in good conversation. More details TBA.

Gym Fun Night

Seminary students and their children are invited to relax and have fun with special games and activities in the neighboring gym on Friday, September 28. More details to be announced.

September Gym (Activities Center) Schedule

The gym schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday—2-4:30 p.m. Volleyball
  • Tuesday—4:30-7 p.m. Open Gym
  • Thursday—2-4:30 p.m. Basketball
  • Friday—10-11:30 a.m. Moms' & Kids' Open Gym

For more information, please contact Cheryl Adcock at the SAC Office (268-1066).

Student Ministries. See the Student Ministries webpage for updated information!

SAC sponsors several outreach ministries to the local community. This is an opportunity to enable you, the AGTS student body, to gain practical experience. It is our goal for you to have the opportunity to minister and be stretched in new ways. We welcome your faithful involvement! These ministries include outreach to: Cox North Hospital the second and fifth Sundays of every month, Springfield Rehabilitation Center (nursing home) the first and third Sundays of every month, Victory Mission (homeless shelter) the fourth Thursday of every month, a prison ministry, and the AGTS community chapel worship teams. Further information will be given at the Student Ministry Chapel, September 18. Plan on attending and signing up!

Check out the SAC Event Calendar for fall 2001 on their webpage,

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