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What is Encounter?

Encounter: Journal for Pentecostal Ministry is a scholarly publication of the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (AGTS) intended to serve the Church of Jesus Christ by bringing transforming theological and professional insight to bear on the practice of ministry in the Pentecostal tradition.

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Encounter is an exclusively online publication offered without charge as a service of the AGTS community. It is not available in printed form, although there are links to printer friendly versions of each article and book review. There is no need to subscribe. It is free to everyone online. If Encounter is helpful in your study and ministry, please recommend it to your friends.

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Encounter welcomes submission of articles and book reviews. See the Encounter submission policies.


Paul W. Lewis
Admissions and Program Coordinator, AGTS
Intercultural Doctoral Studies Program
Coordinator, AGTS

Assistant Editor: 

Susan Meamber
Assistant to the President, AGTS

Web Managers:

Jennifer Hall
Promotions Coordinator, AGTS
Eric Friesen
Promotions Assistant, AGTS

Executive Editors:

Byron D. Klaus
President, AGTS
Professor of Intercultural Leadership Studies
Stephen Lim

Professor of Leadership and Ministry

Earl Creps
Visiting Professor of Leadership and Spiritual Renewal
Richard Dresselhaus
Executive Committee
Executive Presbyter, General Council of the
Assemblies of God

Associate Editors:
Mel Ming
Visiting Professor of Church Leadership, AGTS
Contributing Editors:

Steve Chandler
Faculty, Northwest College
Johan Mostert
Associate Professor of Community Psychology, AGTS
Ivan Satyavrata
2009-2010 J. Philip Hogan Professor of
World Missions
Senior Pastor, AG Mission, Kolkata

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