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Winter 2005
(Vol. 2, No. 1)

The Apostolic Reformation

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"The Marks of an Apostle" by Edgar R. Lee, S.T.D.

True Christian ministry is intrinsically apostolic and the Church must grapple with what that means biblically and practically in today’s ministry context.

Message from the President

"The Way I See It" by Byron D. Klaus, D.Min.

A reflection on apostolicity as a way of addressing the North American Church’s experience of liminality, its invisibility to the larger society.

Feature Articles

"Apostolic Practice" by Vinson Synan, Ph.D.

A survey of apostolic movements throughout the history of the Church and into the twentieth-century with implications for contemporary ministry.

"Apostolic in Doctrine" by William W. Menzies, Ph.D.

A study of apostles and their place in the early Church with implications for apostolic leadership at the present time.

"The Dilemma Over the Apostolic Nature of Mission in Modern Missions" by Gary B. McGee, Ph.D.

A study of the dilemma over the apostolic nature of mission as Radical Evangelical and Pentecostal insistence upon miracles and spiritual gifts confront  Protestant and Roman Catholic missiologies.

"Models of Apostolic Ministry: A Practical Theology Approach" by Jay P. Taylor, D.Min. and Randy C. Walls, D.Min.

A survey of eleven effective local churches across the United States that assesses the possibility of apostolic ministry in a wide range of governing structures and ministry methods.

"Encounter: The Pentecostal Ministry Series"

Concurrently with this issue of Encounter, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and the Encounter editorial team are pleased to announce the creation of “Encounter: The Pentecostal Ministry Series” and the release of monograph Number 1, He Gave Apostles: Apostolic Ministry in the 21st Century.

Suggestions for Further Study

Faculty suggestions for readily accessible aids to developing your competence in interpreting the nature and role of the apostle.            

Book Reviews

Cartledge, David.  The Apostolic Revolution:  The Restoration of Apostles and Prophets in the Assemblies of God in Australia. (Chester Hill, Australia:  Paraclete Institute, 2000). 

Wagner, C. Peter. Changing Church: How God Is Leading His Church into the Future (Ventura, Calif.:  Regal Books, 2004).


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