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Fall 2007
(Vol. 4, No. 1)


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"Core Values of Discipleship" by Deborah M. Gill, Ph.D. (M.Div. 1978 and M.A. 1979)

Message from the President

"The Way I See It" by Byron D. Klaus, D.Min.

Feature Articles

"Coaching: A Christian Overview and Response" by Gary Collins, Ph.D.

Introduces “Christian Coaching” as a new frontier in discipleship for leaders.

"Sacred Serenade: The Role of Music in Spiritual Formation" by Don Detrick, D.Min. Cand.

Asks us to be attentive to “The Sacred Serenade” by recognizing the role of music in evangelism and discipleship.

"Making Space for God to Fill and Transform" by Stephen Lim, D.Min.

Encourages contemporary believers to “Make Room for God to Fill and to Transform” through the classical spiritual disciplines.

"Toward Placing Galatians 2:11-14 Within its Forensic Rhetorical Context" by Aaron M. Lawton (M.A. 2007)

Inaugural Lectures

"Trumping Hermeneutical A Prioris" by Deborah M. Gill, Ph.D. (M.Div. 1978 and M.A. 1979)

Steers us away from being either, intellectual but not thoughtful, or righteous and not just.

"Apostolic Function and Mission" by Dr. Johnson, Ph.D. (M.A. 1991)

Challenges us to return to an “Apostolic Function and Mission.”

"How Tongues Empowered" by Gary McGee, Ph.D.

Chronicles from early twentieth-century Pentecostalism “How Tongues Empowered.”

Ministerial Reflection

"Jews and ‘Fruity’ Pentecostals" by Lois E. Olena, D.Min. (D.Min. 2006)

"A Theological and Social Reflection on Church Signs in West Fargo" by Carolyn D. Baker, D.Min. (M.Div. 1984)

Book Reviews

Geir Lie, editor. Norsk pinsekristendom og karismatisk fornyelse: Ettbinds oppslagsverk (Oslo, Norway: REFLEKS-Publishing, 2007). Reviewed by Darrin J. Rodgers, J.D. (M.A. 1998), Director of the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center, General Council of the Assemblies of God.

Kimmel, Tim. Grace-Based Parenting (Nashville: W Publishing Group, a division of Thomas Nelson, Inc., 2004). Reviewed by Julie Smead, Master of Arts in Counseling Student, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary.

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