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FasTrak: The Pre-Doctoral Experience at AGTS

With a 36-hour M.A. in hand one could earn M.Div. Equivalency in two years or less using the FasTrak model.

Courses are taken in a customized six credit hour format achieved by adding reading and writing assignments to regular AGTS classes.

FasTrak is designed to prepare otherwise qualified, in-service ministry practitioners for admission to the AGTS Doctor of Ministry Program by providing an opportunity for outstanding personal and professional growth.

FasTrak is a flexible experience. A participant can select AGTS classes in any area of interest from a large menu of subjects taught at locations around the country, online, and by DVD.

FasTrak Advantages

  • Speed—double the credits, half the time
  • Custom Fit—courses that suit your interests (three or six-credit options)
  • Scheduling Flexibility—a year-round schedule to fit your calendar
  • Convenience—locations near you
  • Excellent Teaching—world-class professors from quality institutions
  • Relevant Classes—directly applicable to your ministry context
  • Support Team—ready to walk you through the entire process
  • Less Travel—doubling credits reduces the amount of travel required
  • Modular Format—most class sessions can be completed in one week

FasTrak Courses

All approved AGTS modular courses, degree completion courses and for-credit conferences are eligible for incorporation within FasTrak at the discretion of the professor, provided they fit within the distribution requirements needed for M.Div. Equivalency.

FasTrak participants take courses that fulfill requirements within five areas: Bible, theology/history, missions/evangelism, practical theology and electives.

FasTrak Sites Include:

  • AGTS Resident Campus, Springfield, Missouri
  • Northwest University Extension Site, Kirkland, Washington
  • Valley Forge Christian College Extension Site, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
  • American Indian College Extension Site, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Conferences and seminars across the United States
  • Online and DVD courses

FasTrak Cost

Participants will pay the current AGTS tuition rate per credit. FasTrak courses are eligible for Financial Aid. One-third of the cost of each class is due at the time of registration.

Getting On The FasTrak

  • Admission Requirements:
    • Accredited M.A. of at least 36 credits.
    • Three years of full-time ministry experience
    • Currently in full-time ministry
    • 3.0 GPA on a four-point scale at an accredited graduate school
    • Minimum 3.0 GPA throughout FasTrak studies

  • Equivalency Evaluation
    • Contact the D.Min. office for an informal evaluation of your equivalency status. Please fax all undergraduate and graduate level transcripts to the Doctor of Ministry Office (417-268-1047); be sure to include your name, address, phone number and email address with your request. The evaluation cannot be guaranteed until official transcripts are received.
  • Application Process
    • After receiving an informal M.Div. Equivalency evaluation, eligible participants may submit the appropriate application forms for admission to FasTrak.

      (Please note: FasTrak is neither a degree program, nor a guarantee of admission to the D.Min. Successful completion of the FasTrak provides academic eligibility for the Doctor of Ministry degree for participants who are otherwise qualified.)

  • Course Selection
    • Once you have been accepted, you will work with the D.Min. Team to select courses.
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