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Ph.D./ICS Admission Requirements
  1. Academic: An M.A. in an appropriate theological or missiological discipline from an acceptable school with a minimum GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.

  2. Experience: Not less than two years of appropriate intercultural ministry experience.

  3. English: For applicants whose primary language is other than English, a TOEFL score of 585 or equivalent.

  4. Writing: Submission and approval of a writing sample that demonstrates graduate-level research skills.

  5. Language: Second language proficiency. The program requires research proficiency in English as the primary research language of the disciplines of intercultural studies and a second modern language in the field of the research topic. Additional ancient and modern languages may be required as needed for the completion of dissertation research. In exceptional cases, the second modern language requirement may be substituted by petition. When a request for language waiver is submitted, the Committee may require six credits of relevant studies in the applicant’s area of research. This will be implemented at the discretion of the Committee in a case-by-case situation based on transcripts and experience.

  6. Endorsement: Official approval of administrative superiors (e.g., missions board or agency if applicable).

  7. Technology: Acceptable computer and internet competencies.

These are the minimal requirements. The Admissions Committee selects applicants with the strongest qualifications. Candidates who only meet minimal requirements in some areas but are exceptional in others may be accepted. The overall combination of strengths that the applicant brings to the program is assessed in the admissions process.


In cases in which candidates for admission are considered to have insufficient background in biblical, theological or missiological disciplines, the seminary may require them to complete 15 credits of missiology foundation courses or 15 credits of theological foundation courses, or both as a co-requisite.

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