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Fall 2006 Syllabi

Resident Campus

The courses which appear here are those for which the syllabi or other course related materials are available. As a course syllabus becomes available that class will be added to this list. To see a complete list of resident student courses for this semester see "Class Schedules."

Changes are highlighted in yellow and bold type.
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Course Title
Link to syllabus and/or other course related materials.
BHE 637 Studies in the Writings: Psalms, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes Syllabus Roger Cotton
Greek 1A Syllabus Deborah Gill
BGR 611 Inductive Studies in the Greek New Testament Syllabus Jim Hernando
BGR 625 Studies in the Letters of Paul: Galatians Syllabus Jim Hernando
BIB 532 Hermeneutics Syllabus Jim Hernando
BIBD 637 Current Issues in Biblical Interpretation: Dealing with Hermeneutical Challenges Syllabus David Thomas
BNT 533 Studies in the Letters of Paul: Galatians Syllabus Jim Hernando
BNTD 533 Pastoral Epistles: 1-2 Timothy, Titus Syllabus David Bundrick
BNTD 641 Contrasts in the Pauline Letters of Galatians/Philippians Syllabus David Thomas
BNTD 641 Exploring and Proclaiming the Message of Mark Syllabus Gary Martindale
BOT 530 Old Testament Theology Syllabus Roger Cotton
BOTD 531 Preaching from Deuteronomy Syllabus Roger Cotton
BTH/MHT 501 The MIssion of God in Biblical and Contemporary Context Syllabus Joe Castleberry
BTH 532 New Testament Theology Syllabus Deborah Gill
BTH/PCS 534 The Baptism of the Holy Spirit Syllabus Jim Railey
BTHD 640 Old Testament Theology for Christians Today Syllabus Roger Cotton
CE 510 Essentials of Education Syllabus Dene Wood
HIS 528 Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements Syllabus Annette Newberry
HIS/MHT/THE 502 Ancient Christianity to the Challenge of Islam (100-800 A.D.) Syllabus Gary B. McGee
HIS/MHT/THE 701 Christianity in the Modern and Post-Modern Eras (1650-Present) Syllabus Gary B. McGee
HISD 552 World Christian Movement II Syllabus Ray Gannon
HOM 529 Communicating the Message I Syllabus Doug Oss
HOM 633 Communicating the Message II (Preaching Laboratory) Syllabus Doug Oss
HOM/BNT 623 Exposition of Acts Syllabus Doug Oss
HOMM 531 Methods of Biblical Preaching Syllabus Richard Dresselhaus
Missions Anthropology Syllabus Warren Newberry
MCSM 639 The Gospel and Islam Syllabus Dale Fagerland
MCSM 639 Studies: Poplar Islam Syllabus Harry Morin
Foundations of Cross-Cultural Ministry Syllabus DeLonn Rance
MHT 639 Paradigm Shifts in the 21st Century World Missions Syllabus Dr. Johnson
PCP 531 Play Therapy and Childhood Intervention Syllabus Angela Reid
PCP 544 Counseling Theories Syllabus Mark Bradford
PCP 550 Interpersonal Techniques in Helping Relationships Syllabus Melody Palm
PCP 562 Advanced Human Development I Syllabus Angela Reid
PCP 623 Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues Syllabus Jean Orr
PCP 632 Psychological Tests and Measures Syllabus Johan Mostert
PCP 637 Group Counseling Syllabus Melody Palm
PCP 662 Psychopathology I Syllabus Johan Mostert
PCPD 541 Psychology and the Christian Faith Syllabus Edgar Lee
PCPM 657 MFT I: Theories and Foundations Syllabus Robert Burbee
PTH/MHT 544 The Spiritual Formation of the Minister Syllabus Jay Taylor
PTH 553 The Person of the Leader Syllabus Melody Palm
PTH 614 Hospital Ministry Syllabus Larry Cooper
PTH 626 Conflict Resolution of the Church Syllabus Cheryl Taylor
PTHM/PCPM 520 Contemporary Family Ministry Syllabus Richard Serbin

THE 531

Systematic Theology I Syllabus Jim Railey
THE 644 Theological German Syllabus Deborah Gill
THED 646 Theological Studies Seminar Syllabus Edgar Lee

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