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Summer 2008 Syllabi

Resident Campus

The courses which appear here are those for which the syllabi or other course related materials are available. As a course syllabus becomes available that class will be added to this list. To see a complete list of resident student courses for this semester see "Class Schedules."

Changes are highlighted in yellow and bold type.
Link to Course Description
Course Title
Link to syllabus and/or other course related materials.
BAR 630 Biblical Aramaic Syllabus Roger Cotton
BHE 530 Hebrew 1A Syllabus Wave Nunnally
BHE 531 Hebrew 1B Syllabus Wave Nunnally
BNTD 641
Degree Completion
STU: Gospel of John - A Personal Dialogue with Jesus Syllabus Edgar Lee
BOT 538 Stu. in the Prophetical Books: Hosea, Joel, Amos, Micah Syllabus Roger Cotton
BOTD 530
Degree Completion
Old Testament Introduction Syllabus Daniel Crabtree
BOTD 641
Degree Completion
Preaching Themes from the Old Testament Syllabus Mark Jenkins
BTH/PCS 538 The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament Syllabus Roger Cotton
HISD 601
Degree Completion
Christianity to the Reformation Syllabus George Carson
HIS/PCS 546 Initial Evidence and Spirit Baptism Syllabus Gary B. McGee
PCPM 623 Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues Syllabus Jean Orr
PCPM 624 Family Studies: Human Sexuality Syllabus Jared Pingleton
PCPM 659 MFT III: Interventions/Strategies/Techniques Syllabus Melody Palm
PCPM/MCSM 629 Counseling with Diverse Populations Syllabus Johan Mostert
PHI 631/THE 628 Apologetics Syllabus Charles Self
PTH 620 Ministry in Emerging Culture Syllabus Earl Creps
PTHM 624 Leading Change and Revitalizing Ministries Syllabus Mario Guerreiro/Paul Martinez
PTHM/PCSM 640THEM 639 Theology and Practice of Spiritual Gifts Syllabus David Lim
THED 531
Degree Completion
Systematic Theology I Syllabus Edgar Lee
THED 532
Degree Completion
Systematic Theology II Syllabus Edgar Lee

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