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Spring 2011 Syllabi

Resident Campus

The courses which appear here are those for which the syllabi or other course related materials are available. As a course syllabus becomes available that class will be added to this list. To see a complete list of resident student courses for this semester see "Class Schedules."

Changes are highlighted in yellow and bold type.
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Course Title
Link to syllabus and/or other course related materials.
BGR 531 Greek 1B Syllabus Debbie Gill
BGR 612 Inductive Studies in the Greek New Testament 2 Syllabus Debbie Gill
BTH/MHT 501 The Mission of God in Biblical and Contemporary Contexts Syllabus DeLonn Rance
BOT 538 Studies in Prophetical Books: Isaiah Syllabus Roger Cotton
BOT 641 Special Studies: Genesis 1-11 and Science Syllabus Steve Badger

Theological Studies Seminar Syllabus Roger Cotton
BTH 530 Old Testament Theology Syllabus Roger Cotton
BTH(M) 532 New Testament Theology: Discipleship Focus Syllabus Deborah M. Gill
HOM 529 Communicating the Message I Syllabus Doug Oss
HOM/BOT 620 Expository Preaching in the Pentateuch and Historical Books Syllabus Doug Oss
HOM 633 Communicating the Message II Syllabus Doug Oss
HIS 532 History and Polity of the Assemblies of God Syllabus Annette Newberry
HIS/MHT 557 World Christianity II Syllabus Charlie Self
HIS 800 DR: Stu. In the Holocaust Syllabus Lois Olena
MCS/MHT 642 Contextualized Theology Syllabus Mark Hausfeld
MCSM/MHTM/PTHM 643 Anthropology and Communication in Theological Perspective Syllabus DeLonn Rance
MCS 554 Folk Islam/Power Encounter Syllabus Harry Morin
PCP 662 Child and Adolescent Psychopathology Syllabus Johan Mostert
PCP 521 Theological and Missional Context for Helping Professionals Syllabus James Railey
PCP550 Interpersonal Techniques in Helping Relationships Syllabus Melody Palm
PCP 551 Addictive Behaviors in Family Systems Syllabus Mark Bradford
PCP 628 Career Development Counseling Syllabus J Michael Ferguson
PCP 633 Psychopathology Syllabus Melody Palm
PCP643 Sp. Stu: Post-Traumatic Stress Syllabus Melody Palm
PCP 658 Marriage and Family Therapy II: Assessment & Treatment Planning Syllabus Angela Reid
PTH 540 Military Chaplaincy Syllabus Chaplain Scott McChrystal
PTH 554 Relational Dynamics of Leadership Syllabus Charlie Self
PTH/MHT 555 Emotional and Spiritual Formation of the Leader Syllabus

Jay Taylor & Melody Palm

PTH/THE 622 Communicating Christian Faith in a Pluralistic Society Syllabus Stephen Lim
PTHM 625 Effective Leadership Syllabus Mel Ming
PTH 653 Leadership in Ministry Syllabus Jay Taylor & Randy Walls
RES 512 ACADEMIC WRITING Syllabus Annette Newberry
THE 511 Christian Theology Syllabus James H. Railey
THE 532 Systematic Theology II Syllabus James H. Railey
THE 625 Church, End Times and Eternity Syllabus James H. Railey

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